Towards Integrated E-Services” Inauguration Event

​In cooperation with Riyadh Municipality (Amanat Al Riyadh), Sure International Technology –The implementer of E-Municipality Project- has hold an inauguration event under the title of “Towards Integrated E-Services” as a change driver in the project, aiming at:

  • Introduce the E-municipality project, with all stakeholders’ participation.
  • Involve all “Amanat Al Riyadh” key employees in the project, so engaging them in the whole project phases.
  • Since The E-Municipality project is of a strategic importance for “Amanat Al Riyadh”, it would be under the sponsorship of “Amanat Al Riyadh” higher leadership, to ensure the full cooperation among all the stakeholders, to realize the defined goals.
  • This event is the main change driver in project, as it involves all stakeholders in the project, and infuses the teamwork spirit among them, so they can see it as a win-win development initiative for all of them.
  • Taking advantage of the already excreted efforts in this regard, so improving and optimizing the e-services and incorporating them in one E-Portal, exposing them as one streamlined and consistent interface to the citizens.
  • Emphasizing that without the full willingly cooperation and participation, this remarkable leap will not see the light.

By this event, SURE is pleased that it achieves the defined goals, since the attendees numbers exceeded 80 people, with the effective participation of “Amanat Al Riyadh” secretary-deputy, the deputies, branch municipalities’ heads, and the departments’ heads.