SURE Launches New Token Solutions

​Sure Secure File Transfer

Sure Secure file Transfer is one of solutions developed and introduce by Sure  in the field of Information Security from our perspective  of spread the awareness of information security deepening on our large experience in this filed and using Sure Smart Token not only in data encryption but also in users identifications based on Public Key Cryptography standards in addition to Digital Signatures features to provide.

  • Data Confidentiality based on public key encryption
  • Users Identification based on Trusted Digital Certificates
  • Data Integrity based on Digital Signatures

Skelta WFMS Smart Token Integration​

Skelta is one of the best work flow management systems that facilitate the daily work activities in  a computerized manner inside governmental and commercial sectors. Here at Sure from our perspective of grantee  of information security for any applied solution we developed a new security plugin added easily added to Seklta developing environment that grantee replacing normal Skelta login system using user name and password to depend on user smart token which store a trusted digital certificates accepted by Skelta server to grantee.

  • Securely identify users identities who have permissions to login t the system.
  • Define users privileges based on trusted  digital certificates identity .
  • Complete Encryption for the data transferred from and to Skelta server .