Sure International Technology sponsors the future of information Technology

King Abdullah Institute for Research and Consulting Studies organized a lecture to discuss the future of Information Technology on the 1st of March, 2010 sponsored by Sure International Technology.

Four experts in the field of information technology debated the future of information technology in a lecture organized by King Abdullah Institute (KAI), King Saud University in cooperation with Gulf Centre for Research and Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Engineering and IT software in Germany under the sponsorship of Sure Technology and Consulting.​

The four experts were: Dr. Dieter Fix Director-General of the Fraunhofer Institute for Middle East, Professor Stefan Inichen the director of Fraunhofer Institute, Professor Peter Blair, the coordinator of research at the Fraunhofer First, and Dr. Yusef Ohali the Dean of electronic transactions and communications at King Saud University.

At the first presentation of the lecture the subject was (science in the service of innovation _ Fraunhofer model) and Dr. Fix spoke about the innovation as a key for success in competitions, whether it was economic or industrial and he also explained different models of innovation and demonstrated best practices that are based on the best German applications.

Furthermore, the presentation focused on the complementarities between private sector institutions and the public sector research centers in this area where research centers play the role of strategic partner that facilitates the innovation process.

And in the second presentation Professor Stefan Inichen talked about (the future of information technology) and what will happen the future of integration in the areas of media, telecommunications, and information technology. He also mentioned that the deployment of media content will be through multiple media channels such as the web or by network telecommunication systems and therefore we must look toward the development of technical information to help to integrate the various broadcasting measures to be applied and used in a single portable communication device.

Also the presentation highlighted the challenges that may be encountered in the areas of information technology and communications in this area and its impact in the case of developing such techniques.

Furthermore Professor Peter Blair presented (profiles of Information Technology at Fraunhofer) and confirmed that Fraunhofer Group for Information Technology is considered the main driving force for the development of information technology in Germany.

In the fourth and last presentation, Dr. Jousef Al- Ohali shed lights on the Information Technology at King Saud University, noting that the university has taken solid and consistent steps in the field of Information Technology and Communications in the past two years, and that was according to the University Strategy to develop technical information that are compatible with e-Government Program (Yasser ) and said that the university started providing electronic services in the admission and registration areas.

Sure sponsorship for this lecture comes out from the bases that the company build on primarily, which includes supporting any step in the way of technological progress and taking advantage of all available means and technological progress to provide the best and most appropriate and advanced solutions to its customers