SURE International Technology Acquires Maxsys

​Sure International Technology announced its completion of the full acquisition of Maxsys Company which is specialized in web and mobile applications development. Such acquisition aims at introducing more recent and advanced web and mobile experience to its customers at different levels.​​

Basem Abdullah Alsallom, CEO & MD of SURE International Technology explained that this acquisition is consistent with the vision and strategy of SURE International Technology towards expansion, opening of new markets, and provide unique technological experience to its customers in the light of the intense competition which the digital service market witnesses in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Faisal Salem Alanazi, one of the founders of Maxsys which as of today becomes part of SURE International Technology said that “Merger with SURE International Technology will allow them to grow more in the coming period and to serve customers at higher level of quality”. He added “We will work on developing products to serve business sector and experience various business models more largely and quickly”.

Maxsys was established in 2015 by two Saudi young men: Faisal Salem Alanazi and Hamad Hussein Alshahrani. During its years of operation, it provided its services in developing applications for different foundations and customers from the private and public sectors including small- and middle-sized companies and governmental bodies. As well, it developed applications in different sectors such as e-commerce, governmental services, and internal services of foundations.

SURE International Technology was established in 2004 in the light of the increasing requirements of the Information Technology sector in the region. The company made its clear mark in the local market due to the capabilities of its teamwork of specialists. In response to the variables and needs faced by businesses, SURE began investing in new sectors in 2019 and launched SURE business unit for payments solutions. And recently, it began investing in some start-up companies.