Sure Global Tech Launches “Fandaqah” and Exhibits the Latest Technologies in GITEX 2019

​“Sure International Technology” participates in GITEX Technology 2019 Week. It presents its latest innovational solutions in the fields of infrastructure, smart governments and digital transformation. GITEX exhibition is considered the most important business event in the technological innovation and commercial information and communication technology in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia regions.

Basem bin Abdullah Alsallom, Sure CEO, said that the “Sure International Technology” participation stems out of its role in leading the digital transformation through effective business and digital solutions. Since the establishment of the company in 2004, it has been keen on providing different governmental and private bodies with the best digital solutions as a part of its contribution in the digital transformation in the Kingdom.

Sure Global Tech participates in GITEX International Exhibition for the sixth time. The visitors will have the opportunity to know the latest systems in the field of financial payment solutions through the new business unit “SurePay”. They will also have an access to a variety of payment systems solutions that suit different needs such as mobile, countertop, and self-service systems; in addition to a number of software solutions to manage the payment machines, automatic settlement reports and the integration between the payment machines and the applications.

Moreover, the company will present its investments in the start-up companies that are included in its plans of expansion and opening new markets and providing its clients with distinguished technological experience. The company will as well announce its first product which is “” application designed for hotels, furnished apartments and chalets services. The system which is entirely based on SaaS and cloud technology is characterized by providing the end user with extraordinary experience and providing a link between payment, Zakat systems and Shomoos systems as well as a direct link with Commission for Tourism and National Heritage.

Sure International Technology has recently acquired Maxsys Company, specialized in developing web applications and smartphones. This acquisition aims at providing its clients with a more modern and developed usage experience of different operating platforms.

GITEX Exhibition is considered a platform for presenting the specialized services provided by the company to boost its creative innovational ideas and presenting its special services aiming at enhancing the status of the Kingdom in the global markets. All of this and more on Sure’s exhibition booth in Sheikh Saeed Hall, booth number S-A1.

Sure International Technology is considered one of the national Saudi companies which managed, during the past 15 years, to establish a vast reputation in the local market through developing electronic platforms, smartphones applications, cyber security, infrastructure, payment systems and sales points as well as its investments in developing cloud applications that enhances the efficiency of business.