Ministry Of Commerce And Industry Launches The E-Portal “Aamal” For Companies

​MCI has launched the tentative version of its latest services, e-portal “aamal” for companies,   which aims to provide a diverse bouquet of services for all kinds of companies: Joint Stock Co., Limited Liability Co., General Partnership Co., Limited Partnership Co., Professional Co. and the Branches of Gulf &Foreign Companies. The e-portal “aamal” provides basic information about various types of legal entities for allcompanies operating in the Kingdom, including the level ofcompanies` commitments and the information requested bypartners, shareholders, managers, Board of Directors members, investors, creditors and companies` customers.
MCI has pointed out that the e-portal “aamal” represents the main source for information and news of companies working in the Kingdom. This would include the services of publicity and publishing the incorporation contracts, access to basic information of companies, including the basic R&R for joint stock companies, a list of Board of Directors members and others. This e-portal would provide the beneficiaries with the news of all kinds of companies and the related developmentssuch as calling for the General Assembly meeting, the results ofthe Assembly resolutions, which may contribute in promoting the principles of companies disclosure and increase the level of transparency.