Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs Inaugurates information system of municipal councils

His Royal Highness Prince Dr. Mansour bin Miteb bin Abdulaziz, Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs, has Inaugurated the municipal councils information system on internet in his office in the ministry yesterday through the ministry’s website to improve the performance of municipal councils the various regions of the Kingdom and to provide support and assistance to municipal councils in different fields and to enable citizens to benefit from the services provided by the council electronically.

His Royal Highness has guided to set the developing plans of the municipals councils in the different aspects that has a positive effect on improving and raising the performance level and to make it easier to contact with the councils to develop the municipal services in various cities and provinces of the Kingdom.

The system represents one of the modern e-government applications so all the municipal councils may benefit from, where the system forming based on the regulations and procedures manuals that have been prepared and circulated to all the municipal councils. Thus to complete the work between the public administration for the ministry of municipal councils and municipal councils in various regions of the Kingdom, which enables the public administration for municipal councils to follow the proceedings and take the necessary decisions effectively. The system is considered as a link between the two regarding the daily works of the municipal councils activities.

Citizens, through the system, can access the data and the activities of the municipal councils, apply their complaints and suggestions, and knowing what had applied to it through logging into the system which facilitates citizen interaction with municipal councils.

It’s worth to notice that the General Directorate for the municipal councils have recently implemented a training plan, which held ten training workshops throughout a whole month for all the municipal councils secretaries in all the cities and the provinces of the Kingdom (179 municipal council) in order to define the components of the system to the councils secretaries and train them on how to deal with it’s parts and outputs.

The launch of the municipal councils’ information system comes within the framework of the Ministry’s continued quest to develop municipal work and provide better municipal services to citizens and residents.