King Abdullah University Hospital Honors Sure International Technology

​On Tuesday, 18 December 2018, Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University represented by King Abdullah University Hospital, honored Sure International Technology for its co-operation in implementing the project of upgrading the efficiency of the infrastructure of the hospital’s data center.

 This project contributes to the realization of the requirements of modern technologies applied in the hospital, upgrade the efficiency of the users of the hospital’s systems and improvement of the level of their performance and productivity. Furthermore, the project helps reinforcing quality concepts, improving means of information exchange and providing the required data and information in a practical and prompt manner. It also includes the development and protection of the infrastructure of both wire and wireless network.

Additionally, it provides storage unit systems, back-up copies, information security protection systems to achieve and ensure security protection for the provided systems and, finally, to realize continuous availability and mechanism of disaster recovery. It should be noted that Sure International Technology contributed to the implementation of several data centers and information infrastructure systems in a number of governmental authorities and the private sectors according to the best specifications and practices related to international technology.