Sure Global Technology
A Glance at Sure
Since its 2004 inception, Sure Global Tech has developed Saudi expertise with international standards to provide technological and consultative solutions for a considerable number of public and private organizations in the country. By national talents, Sure provides services of software development, infrastructure, support and operation along with the digital transformation consultations and other SME-oriented products. Recently, Sure advanced two new fields i.e. FinTech which is embodied by its new company "SurePay"; and investing in promising startups.
Our Services
Business Solutions

Sure provides various of technological services for businesses that include software development, infrastructure services, information security besides the support and operation services for different sectors.


Individuals and businesses are well-provided with a number of FinTech solutions from e- payment services and products; such products are fully-integrated with Point of Sale (PoS) systems. Moreover, they can be managed and controlled centrally in pursuance of receiving updated reports about their performance.


Sure invests in startups continuously and innovates customized products for its clients to satisfy their needs. Sure's investments are aligned with the company's plans towards expansion and opening new markets. Sure is aspiring to deliver an extraordinary technological experience to its clients.

Our Investments
Our Partners
Sure Global Tech is working on building solid partnerships with the best providers of technological solutions to integrally provide it to its clients. Sure is a proud partner with more than 150 technological companies.
Our Clients
Sure is proud of the trust of its clients which exceeded 200 in different sectors, for providing them with the great deal of technological solutions.