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Sure International Technology experience is continuing success with General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities, which began in 2008, where Sure International Technology had the honor to work in the  project of development and operating the portal of General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities, which launched at the end of 2008, e-portal was developed to be a gateway for the tourist in any place, so that he can access information and clear pictures of the major tourism places in the Kingdom, and the fact that SURE is one of Companies in the field of development of portals in the Kingdom, the project was implemented to the fullest and in collaboration with the Commission work team, which operates at the highest professional degrees, the portal became a mirror of tourist places in the Kingdom and reflected the Authority's role in promoting tourism inside and outside the Kingdom, the portal has got several international awards such as:

  Name of the award:
Best e-portal in the field of knowledge and information.
Donor: Institute of Middle East Award for Excellence.
Date: 2010.
Brief description: The aim of Middle East Award for the government and electronic services is to encourage all institutions in the Middle East to adopt technical solutions in support of the overall sustainable development and upgrading the quality of government and private institutions services, through honoring institutions of pilot experiences in applying the latest technology tools and solutions in the field of electronic government and services and pay tribute to their role in coping with the technical needs and requirements of development and technological methods available in this area.
  Name of the award: E-Government shield Award (visual creativity).
Donor: The Arab Academy for the Internet Awards, which works in cooperation with the Arab Organization for Administrative Development (one of the organizations of the Arab States League).
Date: 2010.
Brief  description:  The organization choice of the site for the category of government bodies and official institutions to win this award for excellence in the selection of precision design and attractive colors while retaining the official image of the bodies and the harmony of colors and designs with a information body message and services they provide.
  Name of the award: Best strategic government portal.
Donor: The Arab Academy for the Internet Awards - which works in cooperation with the Arab Organization for Administrative Development, one of the organizations of the Arab States League.
Date: 19/7/2010.
Brief description: To promote cultural and productivity opportunities for the development of interactive stimulated community aims to give this e-sector desired appreciation in most distinctive style, moreover, Arab Web Awards are means to encourage all sectors to highlight their positions and increase their commitment in the field of information technology.

As valuation and recognition of efforts of Sure International Technology for IT and its keenness to make the Commission site reach excellence through getting awards at the local and global levels the HE Mr./ Abdullah Bin Salman Al-Juhani, Vice President of the General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities for marketing and media honored a number of company employees for the company characteristic performance in the portal development and operation, and His Excellency Deputy Mr./ Abdullah Juhani commend through the award on the company's efforts that have contributed mainly to make authority site compete with the rest of the local and global government sites and access to high rank in the competitions.

Given the importance of the technology using in successful organizations internal society, SURE have had the privilege to work with the work team of Tourism and Antiquities to implement of internal communication portal and expertise search engine SEEK, which focuses on the development of interior portal search engine and provide the latest technologies and software for Authority internal community through the Authority internal gate (Intranet Portal), which named Tawasol portal.

The project also included the development of general portal of General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities (Internet Portal), which launched in early 2011 and was characterized by a unique design of its kind reflects the organization work field in a beautiful view, as it provides a copy of the portal to work on smart devices, and it won the admiration of a large number interested in the field of electronic portals and won an international award in the same year:

  Name of the award: First place for the best government portal on the Arab level.
Donor: The Arab Organization for Administrative Development of Arab States League, in cooperation with the Internet Awards Academy in the Arab region.
Date: June 7, 2011.
Brief description: The authority e-portal won the award allocated to the best government e-portal in the Arab world after winning the visual Innovation Award in the previous year for the category of ministries and government agencies organized by the Organization, where the Authority site and after the last development won broad estimate and admiration of the arbitration in the competition.

In the field of social networking supporting the Interior portal, has been the development of the following systems and applications:

  • Experience search engine SEEK: Experience internal search engine SEEK was developed based on technology Microsoft Fast Search, which was adopted by SURE for the first time in the Kingdom, which offers enhanced search features in the entire internal environment at the Authority and in the Authority's website and other sites, also provides a feature to link systems with the majority of available research systems within the body.
  • I-Tawasol System: a distinguished system with a pilot idea provides effective electronic services developed by technology similar to the service of i-google and also features the employee ability to allocate yet fully, and provides a large number of parts of the web about mostly associated with the backend systems of  Authority such as personnel, e-e ... Etc..
  • Integrating TAWASOL magazine in the Interior Portal: where the Authority named its interior portal Tawasol as it has been designed to include all sections of the paper magazine, where canceled the paper version of the magazine and incorporated in the Tawasol portal and become the electronic version of the magazine more effective, dynamic and participation of the community.
  • Locations of departments and sections: within the Tawasol Portal been developed sites of departments and sections of the authority, which explains the objectives of each department and management, and highlights the activities and achievements of this section.
  • Developing personal websites: designing and developingt personal sites for the Authority staff so as to provide a site dedicated to each employee of the Authority which increases social activity within the Authority.
  • Staff Directory e-directory: the personnel manual was developed from within the Tawasol portal associated with the active folder and the personnel system and allows employees to change their profile in electronic format.
  • Development of the wiki: Tawasol Portal wiki has been developed relying on the SharePoint system wiki 2010, after the allocation in line with the requirements of the Authority.

The Challenge:

The main challenge in this project is how to perform all work requirements which the Authority desires to provide, as these requirements do not correspond with what is available in the systems used for the project, and its implementation requires a high level of customization and experience what wasn’t to be in absence of company professional team which is qualified to this level of projects.

The techniques used:

The portal was designed and developed according to the latest specifications of global Internet portals designing (Enterprise Portal Standards) so location interface was built (Front End) using the latest design software, has been focusing on the compatibility of portals and systems designs with the identity of the Authority (Corporate Identity), The following is a list of systems and techniques used for the project:

  • Comprehensive content management system from Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft Office SharePoint 2010).
  • Development by the programming language ASP.NET.
  • A database (Microsoft SQL) as a database to save the portal data.
  • Aptimize: a custom application to improve the websites performance speed and does not require any changes in code or in the system, and helps increase the speed of browsing the portal by 50%.
  • The voice reader Speech to text: voice news reading service was provided from speech workers, one of the most important advantages of portal Usability.
  • AJAX web 2 Technology: The AJAX web 2 help to facilitate the process of using the portal by reducing the operations of refreshing the page in addition to providing some aesthetic impacts to the portal.
  • Live Chat: provided a license to a custom program to provide direct technical support service through written conversation Live Chat.