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University of International Knowledge (KIU) chose Sure International Technology for launching the first Virtual University in Saudi Arabia.

“SURE not only met our requirements, but exceeded those requirements much" Mr. Mohamed Al-Musad - KIU Project Director.

University of International Knowledge, a distinguished scientific edifice depends on information and communication technology provides high-quality education distinct up for all everywhere. The university rely on the distance learning method using electronic means (mainly the Internet), and granted Bachelor university degrees in legitimate  sciences and the Koran , it has attracted in the faculty of members the senior scientists and eminent professors to ensure that it will present distinguished curriculum  content. The university has modern and sophisticated Academic plans, to meet the needs of students in various specialization sciences, and has adopted foundations and principles based on the latest teaching methods applied in the oldest world  universities, summarized in three principles: stimulating self-study - self-learning distance and creative education.


KIU is the first Virtual University in the Kingdom. To be the first is a challenge in itself, but how if the university environment work is virtual full?  The Knowledge University started as an idea needed for implementation and proclamation for the term not exceeding one month. This means that there is academic structure, organizational structure, electronic University gate, virtual chapter, electronic content and, finally, necessarily systems and applications to manage this virtual environment, ready within such a short period of time.


KIU chose and consulted SURE for the implementation of the virtual campus environment project. SURE's comprehensive solution for the implementation of the project includes the following sections:

 1. KIU Academic infrastructure: the academic structure  constitute the vital structure for the virtual University, which include university academic departments, colleges, faculty members, study plans, decisions, etc ...

2. The KIU institutional structure: to build   the university administrative structural, which includes University strategic goals, internal rules & regulations, nonacademic divisions and departments, the functional requirements of University and its job descriptions, etc…?   

3.  KIU Portal: This is the KIU main window that can be for students, faculty members and others for entering into the virtual learning world, following up the latest KIU news and announcements, gathering general information about KIU and how to study and its regime, and other matters relating to the KIU. Access to the KIU private systems, depending on the person and powers granted to him in terms of being a student, or teacher, or system administrator, etc ...

4. KIU resources management system: It provides many services such as education, teaching, management students, the university administration, virtual library, and the KIU financial belongings. The system built an open structural to easily install the KIU components. The approved structural provide the previously identified characteristics, such as operating system on a Web environment, privatization and interdependence. When the user logged in the system, he can access the information and services that have the right to see it. For this, system was built on structural of safety and high encryption. The system is linking with many other applications such as e-learning system, a content management system, technical support, system lectures living, the participating university and work, etc....

5. Intendancy the implementation of KIU Project: For that purpose, SURE appointed several managers and identify specific tasks for each, also it was used many international experts specialized in such projects such as Mr. François Ronyer, Mr. Kamel Al-Masmoudi, Mr. Alex Skeroiades. This has given a global dimension to the KIU as it is built on global experience basis and best practices in the area of global virtual universities.



Students formally began study in KIU and were nearly 30 students in the first year of study. All courses are almost as electronic now, according to the global digital content standards (SCORM). The campus is fully functional digital now and can be browsing in Arabic and English. Most of the non-academic staff was started the work in the official residence of the University to serve the students and faculty members. To learn more about the KIU, please navigation the official portal at: www.almaarifah.com.