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The electronic municipalities are new developed style of management through which raise the level of performance and administrative efficiency and improving the business climate to facilitate all the services and businesses provided by governmental institutions for citizens.

In this new style of working citizens can accomplish all government transactions and release official documents through the electronic means such as Internet, cell phones and Landlines quickly and efficiently.

Hence the initiative of Riyadh Secretariat through the guidance of His Excellency Mayor of Riyadh Region to all departments and Sub-municipalities to develop Riyadh Secretariat site on the Internet.

International Technology has played a major role in this development through the implementation of e-services portals according to the best methodologies and standards, and compatible with the electronic trading program at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Perhaps the most important of what published about e-services portal in Riyadh newspaper site on the following link:
http://www.alriyadh.com/2011/12/22/article694039.html is (At Riyadh region, region Secretariat E-portal is serving all beneficiaries of excellence electronic services through a leading portal in new form, and seen from the portal the efforts of those who made it to be shown as simplified and compatible at the same time with the adopted standards and the new changes in the Web world with a focus on portability use).


Sure International Technology keen through this project to highlight Riyadh city secretariat to be a successful business model through the application of e-government concepts, and this concern was supported by a unique and professional team to develop this type of project.

E-services portal shall be ready to keep pace with the development of any new online services are added to the portal, and this was by providing the best infrastructure of programs and applications supporting e-services.

The most difficult challenge in this project is the coordination and integration with the various departments of the secretariat to consolidate all services for each department in the e-services portal, and the project two teams in the Secretariat and Sure International Technology played an important role in overcoming obstacles and to provide a fertile environment for the development of the project.

E-Service Portal:

The Riyadh Secretariat portal for e- services is one of the most important government portals that provide governmental e-services to the beneficiaries according to assortment (individuals, companies, government agencies), and in order to achieve the goal of the Secretariat to facilitate actions and transactions, by providing the following e-services:

  • Technical support system: is one of the useful electronic systems in the portal of Riyadh Municipality for e-Services that allows portal user to communicate with the Secretariat staff for technical support through text chat through which can view all the problems he faces, and Secretariat technical support Officer shall respond to all user problems.
  • E-recruitment service: is one of the most important services in e-portals where e-services portal users (the Saudis) can build their CV.s to become available to officials and decision-makers for information and communication in the case of identical CV characteristics of the job.
  • E-mail service: by this service a portal user can control the e-mail (send e-mail, Inbox, e-mail settings).
  • Services of Naming and Numbering: These services are linked to the General Administration of naming and numbering, where the implementation of all related services are as follows: (a service of order for a product, service of description card request, service of request for house No. installation, service of request for geodetic point maintenance, service of request for geodetic point relay, service of request for panel or number maintenance, service of request for installation of street name plates, street names dictionary service).
  • Cleanliness eye services: This service is linked to the General Administration of cleanliness where service enables the beneficiary to ask for violated vehicles plates that their owners committed violations of throw waste.
  • Services of Environment Health Management: These services are connected with the management of environment health through the e-services portal, which enable the beneficiary of this service to get information through the e-services portal as follows: (health violations, health forfeitures, query for health stores, query for finished health campaign, the query for forfeitures, health campaign finished, query for observer, the query for a health certificate).
  • Secretariat Emergency Services: these services are linked to the status of emergency in the Secretariat, which allows the beneficiary of the portal e-services: providing complaint for (spoiled food, expired food, poisoning, workers without a health certificate ..) to make a complaint - to provide proposal – query for the status of the complaint.
    In addition to the complaint payment service, this allows the concerned employee at the Secretariat to follow up and communications relating to payment gateway electronic services.
  • Building Permits Services: These services include:
    1. Applications for licenses: (new license, license renewal, transfer of ownership, damaged, replacement).
    2. Procedures for licenses issuance: (fencing, demolition, renovation, building supplements).
  • Professional licenses Services (shops licenses): These services include the submission of applications (new professional license, professional license renewal, transfer of shop license ownership, change the activity shop license, irregular shop license renewal, transfer of license from one municipality to another, to annul the transfer of license ownership held by mistake, advertising plate license, commercial name amendment, off license, lifting off license).

The used techniques:

  • Comprehensive Content Management System from Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft Office SharePoint 2010).
  • Skelta system, which is one of the most important currently operating procedures automation systems (Business Process Management).
  • Development through the programming language ASP.NET.
  • Data base (Microsoft SQL) as a database to save the portal data.
  • It has been used the most important criteria to ensure the security and confidentiality of data of portal secretariat e-Services users, through the use of Second Authentication Layer, in addition to encrypt all information temporary stored whether on Database or the information sent in the title Query string or in the cache server.
  • The use of the bilateral standard verification system, to achieve the technical evolution of information security, electronic transactions and to provide the highest level of electronic protection.