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Central Department Of Statistics & Information (CDSI) 

Executive Summary

The central department for statistics and information decided to take a new step in moving to process automation world, by moving to use the automated processed instead of the general paper processes they're currently using.

SURE International Technology had the honor to implement this project and proof it's ability and experience in business process management world.


Moving to paperless processes is a big challenge which SURE took into consideration; we have to fully analyze, document and model all CDSI processes carefully taking into consideration all details that should affect these processes, and all exceptional considerations and cases that is not easy to implement.

We had another challenge which was in integrating these processes with the CDSI internal systems to decrease the human work in all processes.


As SURE is one of the major IT companies implementing BPM solutions, and as a partner for Skelta –recognized by Microsoft as one of the most powerful and famous BPM products – we decided to use Skelta to implement this solution by:

  • Analyze and document all CDSI business processes and model them in fully detailed documents.

  • Implement all processes using Skelta BPM 2009.

  • Create an internal gateway and provide the needed mechanism to access the processes by all employees.

  • Integrate the processes with CDSI oracle-based internal systems.

  • Integrate Skelta with the existing CDSI user management system.